XCIPTV Player APK is one of the best and most sought-after IPTV in Brazil, Turkey and France. Here, you can download and install XCIPTV Player APK on your Android phone, Android Smart TV and Windows PC. Now, download the 100% working and tested XCIPTV from xciptvapk.live and enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies and live broadcasts via IPTV (Internet Protocol Television).

The XCIPTV Player application plays live television services, OTT services and personalized streaming video content. This application comes with two integrated media players, ExoPlayer and VLC Player, both of which employ HLS adaptive streaming technology. XCIPTV plays uninterrupted, high-quality content regardless of the speed of the network connection.

XCIPTV offers cost-effective access to a wide range of audiovisual content from various platforms. XCIPTV PLAYER offers a fully customizable and easy-to-use interface, allowing users to take advantage of OTT services with ease. It is possible to access and play all contracted television and VOD programming directly from the app, providing an accessible and comprehensive streaming experience.


XCIPTV APK is an OTT multimedia player application for the Android operating system. This APK uses IPTV technology to provide high-quality streaming playback services and watch a wide range of different television channels over the Internet. This XCIPTV Mod APK has unlocked all the premium features for free. You can also watch movies, documentaries and many different web series.

XCIPTV Player APK info

Nome do aplicativoXCIPTV Player APK
Tamanho do arquivo74.6 MB
Operating SystemAndroid/Windows
Mod TypePremium desbloqueado
Total de downloads650K+
EditoraXCIPTV APK Team
Última atualização1 Semana atrás
Disponível emXCIPTVApk.live

Application User Interface

XCIPTV APK version 6.0 comes with a clean user interface/UX. The new version has added some interesting features and fixed the streaming error problem for some older Android operating systems. This app has all the advanced features of IPTV (Internet Protocol television). It also has an integrated Exo and VLC player, so you don’t need any extra media players to stream.

xciptv player apk UI


Live Television

Unlock access to live TV channels: seasons and episodes of entertainment, sports and broadcasts from anywhere in the world.

VOD: IMDB info

Watch live TV on demand, videos, movies and special broadcasts with the IMDB rating available on XCIPTV v6.0.

Parental Controls

Give your children access to XCIPTV content with restrictions on any content you want.

Latest version

XCIPTV Player APK v6.0 viene con todas las últimas características. Se han agregado características como VOD e IMDB mejorados en el contenido.

EPG & EZServer

No specific hardware devices are required, XCIPTV is compatible with Xtream codes and M3U URLs for fully remote access.

Registration and schedule

Now instantly record your favorite live TV shows, movies and special broadcasts on your storage device.

Multiple screens

Watch XCIPTV content on multiple screens. Play your favorite shows on Android, Windows and Amazon Fire stick.

Free APK

Download XCIPTV Player APK v6.0 for free. It’s a limited time offer, and first come, first served.

What’s new in XCIPTV APK v6.0?

How to download XCIPTV APK?

XCIPTV APK is available for Android and Windows operating systems. Downloading XCIPTV is simple from this website. I suggest you don’t believe any third-party website that comes with a fake XCIPTV APK and is full of malware and viruses. Downloading from another third-party site will increase the risk of your device being hacked.

Simple steps to download the XCIPTV APK:

Step 1: Go to the download page

You can choose to download for Android or Windows according to your needs.

Step 2: Select the version you want

Step 3: Download the XCIPTV APK to your device and wait for the download to complete.

Step 4: Now locate the downloaded file on your system.

You can refer to this guide if you want to install XCIPTV on your Android Smart TV or Amazon Fire Stick. The Amazon Fire Stick is based on Fire OS, which is built using only Android.

How to install XCIPTV APK?

Installing XCIPTV is quite simple. Follow these simple steps to successfully install XCIPTV APK on your system.

After downloading XCIPTV APK, you need to do some settings on your device before starting installation of external .apk files (outside of the Google PlayStore).

Step 1: Find the downloaded XCIPTV .apk file in your archives and click on it.

Processo de instalação do apk do xciptv player

Step 2: You need to allow Unknown Sources in the settings (Settings > Security > Unknown Sources)

Or try this too:

Settings> About> Click on the Android version 3 to 5 times to activate Developer on Android. Check the Unknown option.

Processo de instalação do apk do xciptv player
Processo de instalação do apk do xciptv player

Step 3: Tap Install again and wait for the installation process to complete.

Processo de instalação do apk do xciptv player

Step 4: The XCIPTV APK will be displayed on your device’s homepage.

Página inicial do XCIPTV APK

Hooray! You’ve successfully installed the XCIPTV APK on your device. Now, start exploring the XCIPTV app with all its premium features in version 6.0 and enjoy it now.

Pros and cons of XCIPTV APK


  • Live TV on demand, special programs, sports channels, movies and much more
  • No hardware devices required; just install the XCIPTV APK and play
  • Support for various operating systems, such as Android, Windows and Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • Watch from multiple devices
  • Compatible with minimum system requirements

Contras do XCIPTV APK

  • The XCIPTV APK lags on older versions of Android.
  • The UI/UX should have been improved more.

User reviews

Our users have used the XCIPTV APK on Android phones, Smart TV, Windows laptop/PC and Amazon Fire TV Stick. We share some honest reviews about XCIPTV player apk. They have been using this apk since 2021 and shared their personal experience about this apk.



I’ve been using XCIPTV since 2021 for free, and it’s the best IPTV APk for me. I really enjoy watching live sports channels and movies without paying a single penny. Thanks to the XCIPTV APK team for keeping this app up to date.



XCIPTV APK has a wide range of movies, live TV and special broadcasts. All these broadcasts are being played at zero cost. Thanks to XCIPTV for the wonderful app and their service.



This is one of the IPTV applications and sometimes you can face problems such as streaming buffering during peak hours. But version 6.0 of XCIPTV has fixed some of the major streaming buffering problems during peak hours. Thanks to the XCIPTV apk, this application has saved me money.



I can say that xciptv player apk is perfect for anyone who wants to watch live TV channels and movies for free. After using this iptv for a long time, I want to reveal some advantages and disadvantages of xciptv player apk.

The xciptv player apk is free
Free live TV with smooth playback
Free premium movies and many web series

The xciptv Apk is slow on the old smart tv



I’m reviewing this app after using it for more than 6 months. Honestly, this app is getting better every day. I was also sometimes experiencing transmission error problems in version 5.0, but version 6.0 has fixed almost all the delays and transmission error problems, such as the XSCT600 error during live TV broadcasts.

Final words

The XCIPTV Player APK is a 100% free APK that you can download and install on your Android devices, Windows devices and Amazon Fire Stick. I hope you’ve understood all the information about downloading the XCIPTV APK on your device and the installation guide.

I hope you enjoy thousands of live TV channels, movies and web series for free with the help of IPTV technology. You just need to have a decent and stable internet connection to stream the content without any problems.

I wish you a great experience with this app. Don’t forget to share this free apk with your family and friends.

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